Welcome to the World of entertainment.

Europa-Park is the most successful and the biggest entertainment park in the world.

More than 100 attractions and shows and 15 European-themed areas also await visitors on a site measuring 95 hectares. Whether with family or friends, you will enjoy special moments and unwind far from your daily routine. Situated in the culturally rich and scenic border region where Germany, France, and Switzerland meet, the largest seasonal amusement park in the world awaits you with endless superlatives. As a real crowd-puller with great innovative strength, it casts a spell of about 5.6 million visitors per year.

A lot of our shows are awarded with the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for the best shows and also in the category “best female actors”. Per day, we have live entertainment in total of 23 Hours. We are offering up to 15 different shows of different sizes to our clients in the daily business.

Additional we have more than 1500 Confertainment- Events (Conference + Entertainment) in our big Conference Centre and in our hotel resorts. This includes little conferences of 10 people up to great events with more than 8000 visitors and TV shows.

Click on our Shows and you can find small selection of videos from our different Shows and you can imagine how many things we are doing here in Europa-Park.

We are looking forward to seeing you here in the “World of entertainment”

Europa-Park Teaser “Summer Shows” 2017
Europa-Park Daily Show “Sonata delle carte” 2017
Additional Europa-Park Show “Night Beat Angels” 2017

Europa-Park Daily Show “Cinema Italiano” 2016
Europa-Park Daily Show “Let’s celebrate EP” 2016
Europa-Park Daily Show “Ein musikalischer Weihnachtsmarkt” 2016

Europa-Park Daily Show “SuprIce with the son of Santa” 2016
Europa-Park Dinnershow „Cirque d'Europe“ 2015/16
Europa-Park Daily Show “Winter Circus Revue” 2015

Europa-Park Daily Show “James Rizzi Show” 2015
Europa-Park Daily Show “SurprIce in the haunted castle” 2015
Europa-Park Daily Show “Luna Magica” 2015

Europa-Park Daily Show “Halloween Parade” 2015
Europa-Park Daily Show “Mysteria” 2015
Europa-Park Dinnershow „Casino” 2014/15

Europa-Park Daily Show “Spook Me” 2014
Additional Europa-Park Show “Horror on Ice V – Hellfire” 2014
Europa-Park Dinnershow „Reflexions“ 2013/14

Additional Europa-Park Show “Welcome to the Horror Nights” 2013
Europa-Park Dinnershow „Gl'amour” 2012/13
Europa-Park Teaser “Winter Shows” 2012

Europa-Park Dinnershow „Burlesque“ 2011/12